For Seniors

Dear Senior, Family Member, Professional and Concerned Citizen:

These are challenging times. They are times of much need but also times of much opportunity... opportunity for us as professionals, with experience and unique skills, to come together and look to each other for additional expertise and wisdom in the service of Seniors. TEAMWORK can deliver and provide our important services in a more efficient, effective and holistic manner. Life has become much too complex for us to manage and to navigate alone!

"Where and How Will I Live?" is a most important question in the minds of the aging and Elderly! There are many factors/stressors to consider:

  1. Location- proximity to services, family and friends. Is there preference for a solitary or a community lifestyle?
  2. What degree of independence or care is desired or required?
  3. Physical needs vs. property condition and features. What are the medical, physical, mobility needs and conveniences required? Does someone need to move or can they stay in their home with remodeling and/or assistance?
  4. What are the considerations of the emotional and mental well-being of all parties, the family?
  5. What are the Financial Requirements and Resources?

Economic, financial, legal, medical, and personal concerns are the norm of everyday life. However, the Baby Boomer Generation (the largest demographic) offers even more potential for us to fill needs. How and where we live, as well as the quality of life, is an everyday challenge for most of us, regardless of age. Aging, with depleting resources and rising costs brings even greater challenges as economic, political and public policies are further beyond our control. These universal needs can best be met cooperatively and intelligently with the greatest of care, expertise and integrity.

I am committed personally and professionally to strive to fulfill individual expectations! As a Senior I 'Relate' and I bring broad experience and qualifications to bear in the care of others. Specifically my 32 years of Real Estate practice, and now as a Seniors Real Estate Specialist. Additionally, my services as a Court Appointed Receiver &, Trustee, SBA Disaster Relief & Management Assistance Officer, Veteran, and Volunteer have earned me the trust of others to be, professional, principled, and transparent. I continue to offer these credentials to whomever they may benefit!

As a Broker, Consultant, and Advocate, I strive to do what is best for my customers by considering all the possibilities, resources, and variables... whether circumstances require a move or permit persons to remain in the comfort and familiarity of their own home.

I welcome your inquiries, participation, and your referrals! I welcome TEAMWORK!


Antonio (Tony) Olmi, Broker,
(SRES) Seniors Real Estate Specialist, (EMS) Equity Marketing Specialist

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