10 Superfoods That Slow Aging after 40, Say Dietitians


Berries are one of the healthiest foods you can eat as you age, with blueberries being a major star of the pack.


Strawberries are a source of vitamin C and plant compounds," says Manaker, which are components that give strawberries their superfood, anti-aging properties.


Research shows that many people begin to lose elasticity in their skin and notice skin aging signs sometimes as early as their 20s.


Speaking of youthful skin, Sabat also includes almonds on the list of the best superfoods for aging.


Pomegranates are antioxidant-rich fruits that have been linked to reducing heart disease risk factors, improving brain health and cognition, and helping to protect your skin as you age.


Whether you're making a golden latte with it or using it as a spice in your favorite dish, turmeric is a superfood that has been linked to anti-aging benefits.


Free radicals attack healthy body cells, and this damage is thought to contribute to inflammation and the build-up of oxidative stress," says Manaker.


Another wonderful superfood to help slow the process of aging is salmon, as well as many other types of fatty fish.


If you're a fan of cranberries or cranberry juice, you're in luck, because this superfood has been found to help slow aging.


According to Young, tomatoes are an important superfood to help slow aging. "Certain red foods, such as tomatoes, contain the antioxidant lycopene, which fights free radicals that come with aging," she says.

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