10 Weight Gain Exercises You Can Try At Home


Push-ups are known for building upper body and core strength. These are a little difficult but highly effective for weight gain.


another effective weight gain exercise is a good set of pull-ups. This exercise is effective for getting ripped arms and chiselled shoulders.


if you are looking for the best weight gain exercise, this is the one for you. Squats are highly beneficial for your lower body muscle strength.


when working out, one of your goals must be to strengthen your muscles. Crunches are a good way of strengthening your core as well as gaining weight.


if you are looking forward to gaining weight, then lunges will be highly beneficial for you in bulking up your thighs and hip muscles.

Bench Dips

This exercise targets your triceps, chest muscles and front shoulders.

Glute Kickback

Your core, butt and lower back are the three muscles that are targeted by this exercise which is also very beneficial for weight gain.


This weight gain exercise is your full body workout. All the major muscle groups will be targeted by this exercise.


Along with helping you gain weight, a deadlift will also be beneficial in increasing overall muscle mass in your body.

Bench Press

the best exercise not only for weight gain but also to help you strengthen your shoulder, chest and triceps. The bench press is a good option for bulking up.

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