Coca-Cola Is Launching a 'Fruity' New Mystery Flavor—and We Tried It

Coca-Cola has introduced a plethora of fun spins on its classic soda over the years, from Cherry Vanilla to the brand-new Coca-Cola Spiced and Happy Tears flavors announced earlier this month.

But the latest flavor innovation from the iconic beverage brand takes inspiration from a decidedly unexpected source: K-pop fans.

Coca-Cola just launched a brand-new soft drink called Coca-Cola K-Wave Zero Sugar, which should be available now in select global markets like the United States, Spain, Singapore, and South Korea.

According to a press release, the new beverage is meant to celebrate "fans and their infinite devotion" to K-pop (Korean popular music) artists.

Coca-Cola K-Wave Zero Sugar is the latest addition to the company's Coca-Cola Creations platform, a line of limited-edition mystery-flavor sodas inspired by unusual concepts.

For example, an earlier Coca-Cola Creation from September 2023 called Coca-Cola Y3000 was crafted using insights from both humans and artificial intelligence (AI) on what the future may taste and feel like.

Another Coca-Cola Creation released in June 2023, Coca-Cola Ultimate, was supposed to taste like "experience points" from the online battle arena video game League of Legends.

Other flavors in the series have included the outer space-flavored Starlight, pixel-flavored Byte, and the human imagination-inspired Dreamworld.

Just like the previous Coca-Cola Creations releases, the company is being purposefully vague about what K-Wave Zero Sugar is supposed to taste like.

All the press release revealed was that the flavor profile is like "fruity-flavored K-Pop magic."

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