Don't throw away the wine cork. Here's what it can be used for

Even seemingly unnecessary kitchen things have many uses. The same goes for wine corks. Find unusual uses for it before the holidays.

The most common wine cork material is oak bark.

 A product like this can take 25 years to make. The bark of an elderly tree is removed and processed after 10 years. 

However, decorating and beautifying furniture with them is well recognized. Did you know that corks are beneficial in the kitchen, especially around Christmas? It involves making a popular dish.

Cork for the stew. And problem solved?

Hunter's stew. Ever burned it? Every cook who has made it knows it takes patience, yet mistakes can happen, like burning this festive treat.

Corks save lives! Yes, these tiny things will salvage your burned stew.

Simply move it to a container minus the charred pieces, add a wine cork, and boil. 

Have many corks? Extra-good for stew. Wood is ideal for reducing fire odors.

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