Stay Hydrated This Winter with These Non-Water Drinks

Hydrating drinks contain electrolytes, salt, vitamins, probiotics, minerals, and flavors. Go and look.

There are several tasty and healthful drinks that can replace a glass of water and hydrate you just as effectively.

1. Lemon water:  Lemon water or a glass of good old nimbu paani is probably one of the most hydrating drinks. You must have lemon water daily made with the juice of two lemons and a pinch of rock salt. 

2. Milk:  Milk rehydrates and inhibits dehydration better than water. Its natural mix of high-quality carbs, proteins, and salt helps your body retain fluids. Try different milkshakes, smoothies, buttermilk, and lassi prepared with yogurt.

3. Coconut Water:  The most hydrating drink is coconut water. High in potassium and low in calories, it hydrates better than water. Though energetic, it is a healthy alternative to sports beverages.

4. Cucumber Juice:  A highly hydrating vegetable with 90% water content. Fruit sugars may hinder hydration, thus vegetable liquids are healthier. In addition, fruit juices contain high sugar.  

5. Winter Herbal Teas: Hibiscus, rose, and chamomile teas are hydrating. They're caffeine-free and natural, so no worries. They hydrate you and soothe your nerves and thoughts.

6. Aloe vera Water/Juice: Aloe vera is a superfood for good reason.  Antioxidants and restorative properties abound. It detoxifies your intestines and gives you bright skin. 

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