Try it instead of Tea. Like a Youth Elixir.

Oolong tea tastes mellow and smells rich. It is called "blue" because the dried tea leaves are slightly turquoise (brewed tea is yellow or golden). 

It's mostly made in China and northern Taiwan. A special production method gives it a different taste and quality than black tea, which is brewed from the same leaves. 

How is blue tea made?

Evergreen Chinese tea shrub (Camellia sinensis) leaves and buds produce blue oolong tea.  Green and black tea comes from this plant. Fermented tea is blue.

Unlike black tea leaf fermentation, this process is stopped at a particular point. So blue oolong tea is semi-fermented.

Essentially, blue oolong tea is the missing link between green and black teas, combining their traits. They have identical vitamins and minerals. 

So what is good about blue oolong tea?

Traditional Ayurvedic medicine uses blue oolong tea to improve memory and reduce stress. It lowers blood glucose, bad cholesterol, and triglycerides.

Drinking oolong tea consistently boosts metabolism and encourages fluid excretion, which aids weight loss.

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