Weight loss: Shed Those Extra Inches By Consuming Oranges

A drink of fresh orange juice can boost you quickly. It gives rapid energy and refreshes the body.

Orange juice helps you lose weight. For optimum weight loss because of its high fiber content, nutritionists and health professionals advocate eating whole fruit rather than juicing and drinking it.

Actually, orange juice works just as well. It's the greatest match for breakfast—delicious, refreshing, and healthful.

1. Watermelon juice helps maintain hydration and electrolyte balance, which is crucial for health.  It also contains electrolytes like potassium and magnesium, which help balance the body. 

Here's how oranges help in losing weight. These orange beverages work well. 

Oranges have 0 calories and fat! While eating it, you burn more calories than you eat. Due to its vitamin C content, oranges are antioxidants. Thus, it may boost immunity.

1. Orange and Carrot detox drink:   The seasonal fruits and vegetables of orange and carrot make this detox drink excellent for winter. Both nutrients rid the body of impurities and aid weight loss.  

2. Orange and basil juice:  The tanginess of orange and freshness of basil make this drink exciting and perfect for energizing your day. Start your day with this juice and a healthy breakfast.

3. Pineapple, Orange, and Bottle Gourd juice:  Bottle gourd may be your least favorite vegetable, but this drink with pineapple, orange, cucumber, and basil leaves will alter your mind. 

4. Orange and ginger detox drink:  Turmeric powder boosts this drink. The antioxidant-rich spice gives the detoxifying drink a hint of 'yellow' and health.

5. Virgin Punch:  Celebrate with this orange juice, apple, and mango cocktail. The mix of sweet and tart flavors in your glass will delight you.

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